Live Resin – Juicy Fruit

Live Resin – Juicy Fruit


The Juicy Fruit cannabis strain is as tasty as it sounds! It packs a serious flavor punch with notes of ripe strawberry, decadent summer berries, candy bubblegum and tangy sour citrus. While fans adore this strain’s flavor, they also enjoy its striking, colorful appearance and ability to energize, soothe and mitigate pain.

The invigorating Juicy Fruit marijuana strain tastes precisely as one might expect given its inviting, tantalizing name. It’s a phenotype made famous for being the closest thing you can get to smoking a stick of bubblegum, as it’s well known for a full fruit flavor and intense coloration.

Juicy Fruit is also a strain known for providing a mood boost, and it could well be worth trying if you need a pick me up but don’t want to rely on side-effect ridden pharmaceutical medicine. Users claim that the strain is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, as the sativa-heavy hybrid has been used across the world to help treat a myriad of conditions.

Of course, it has primarily been enjoyed as a relaxant, offering the user a wonderfully mellow and calm experience with virtually every high. Let’s take a closer look at the Juicy Fruit marijuana strain, its effects, its flavors, and whether or not you can try your hand at growing some yourself.


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